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We, Super Prime Beef Inc., are seeking a highly motivated and qualified Individuals to join our team in the state of Washington, on a full time basis. Super Prime Beef Inc is a member of the American Wagyu Association.

This exciting position requires extensive knowledge of the Wagyu beef industry, ranging from cattle research and development, monitoring and managing all aspects of the cattle and seeking new cattle ranches to work with. The successful candidates will have strong analytical and communication skills, while being detail-oriented and keeping up with any of the industry changes, while and taking the initiative in regards to making any changes when necessary.

Location: Tri City, Kenneiwick, Pasco, in the state of Washington
Operation: Managing pedigree, breeding and feeding of Washugyu
Workshop: Having professional training at a production ranch in Japan
Work Hours: Mondays thru Fridays, from 8:00AM to 4:00PM
Days off: Saturdays and Sundays
Paid Days off: 10 National Holidays (Part time employees are not eligible for Paid Holidays)
Benefit: Medical insurance only, does not include Dental insurance
Salary Incentive: Offer eligible employee performance based incentive pay
Vacation: After six consecutive months of employment, an employee will receive 10 days of paid vacation
Company vehicle: provided
Work 3 days out of the 5 days in the Tri-city area office.
Work 2 days out of the 5 days at the Lindsay Ranch location, which is approximately 45 minutes away from the Tri-City area.
*Monitor and manage the cattle breeding program.
*Document the biogenic pedigree of the cattle.
*Finding new cattle ranches for breeding and renting of bulls cattle.
*Ensure the management of sperm collection and storage.
*Researching and development the of breeding and feeding programs of the cattle.
*Attending seminars and classes on a periodically basis, organized by affiliated Japanese Wagyu ranches.
*Consigning cattle and arrange for its transportation documents.
*File office paperwork and documents, as well as generate memos, emails and reports when necessary.
*Ensure and documenting that each ranch meets all of the company qualifications.