Washugyu is certified and meets all criteria for All Natural Beef by the USDA.

NHTC (Non-Hormone Treated Cattle)

Washugyu is certified by the USDA as all natural and all the beef must be produced by the cattle which have never been treated with hormones.

We use an integrated manufacturing system, which was created when our company was founded. It organizes, isolates, and feeds all cattle from birth. All information is managed by ear tags, meanwhile at the time of production, process for USDA authorization is submitted.

Washugyu have been raised under strict standards without hormone use, and this has enhanced the Umami flavor and marbling of the beef.

HQB (High Quality Beef)

The greatest feature of Washugyu is the “Natural Umami” flavor.
Needless to say, Washugyu has much greater marbling than most U.S. Beef. The prolonged fattening period brings out the natural flavor of the meat. People in Japan say, Japanese Wagyu has marbling (lots of intramuscular fat), which adds to the tenderness and allows one to enjoy the flavor of the fat.
Washugyu also has marbling, but it’s just right, not too greasy and it has a natural flavor. You can enjoy the complimentary flavors of marbling and Umami.

If you try it just once, you will understand.