Trademark of Washugyu

Are you sure it’s Washugyu? Washugyu is a registered trademark of Super Prime Beef Inc.
We have noticed that there are many restaurants stating that they are using Washugyu even though it is not true Washugyu from Super Prime Beef Inc.

To identify whether it’s original or fake:

1. Confirm the EST# 21488 on the products or packages. All others are fake.
2. There are only black boxes with the logo shown below on this page. All other boxes are not original.

We will warn deceived restaurants or wholesalers on infringement of trademark immediately if fakes are used Washugyu.

We have the registered trademark world-wide
February 2019, we applied to register the trademark with the multilateral treaty Madrid Agreement.
This means that we will acquire “Washugyu” as a registered trademark in all applicable countries within 2019.