Full Integration

Washugyu is fully-integrated from breeding to sales.

1. Breeding

There are 150 fullblood Tajima Wagyu bulls and cows for breeding being raised at Lindsay Ranch, OR. We have 15,000 tubes of fullblood Tajima Wagyu semen, which we sell to affiliated ranches for use in breeding with U.S. Angus breeders and Wagyu breeders.


Feeding and management for Washugyu is the Japanese Style Washugyu Feeding Program. All cattle will be fed and managed at the contracted Lindsay Ranch feedlot.

3. Processing

All processing (harvest, fabrication and packing) is done at One World Beef Packing (EST 21488). Grading is done using the Washugyu Grading system.

4. Storing & Shipping

Products are stored at ATM International USA in CA.
Distribution from ATM Fresh Direct Distribution System utilizes the following materials:
-Specialized Styrofoam
-Insulating material
-Buffer material
-Ice gel packs

Our trained experts in shipping products will complete the packing and shipping process.

5. Delivery

Products will be stored and managed at ATM International USA in CA. We ship to the Southern California area by truck. We will deliver directly to the customer by special refrigerated freezer truck (Restricted only to Southern California). At minimum, we will deliver product within a week of production. Product is available to ship out the next day once an order is received.