Restaurant/Retail Support

Our method for selling Washugyu is completely different from other companies. The first purchase with us is only the beginning. It does not end even after the purchase is complete. Our professional staff will help support the client with menu creation, sales floor development, or any other issues that may arise.

Our Washugyu Full Retail Support Team are experts in retail and food services. This specialized professional team will not only assist in selling Washugyu but will also assist with menu proposal, sales floor development, promotions, sales support, and any other requests. Our goal is to work together with our customers to resolve their issues and assist in their growth.

Professional Chef Sales Specialist

Name: Tatsuya Watanabe

●Proposal for Washugyu Menu
●Refer meat and cooking recipes that match the customer’s menu concept
●Processing specific cost advantage areas and retail tips
●Demonstration on how to cut Washugyu
●Consulting and analysis of sales at retail stores

15 years of experience as a owner/chef. Immigrated to America to help launch a Japanese style BBQ restaurant as a head chef, and assist in kitchen management. Additionally, consulted for a Ramen restaurant, Izakaya, and Research & Development for a Fusion cuisine restaurant. In 2016, joined ATM International USA Inc. Production Supervisor (HACCP) and National Restaurant Sales Manager.


Professional Butcher Sales Specialist

Name: Eiichi Yamamoto

●Proposal for Washugyu sales floor development
●Providing how to make products with exclusive cuts
●Proposal for how to sell Washugyu with his astounding experience in Washgyu sales development at Japan’s Luxury
Department store, and Japan Premium Beef in NewYork
●Demonstration on how to cut Washugyu
●Advise store operation and management methods

He has 13 years experience as a retail butcher. Also worked in department stores and supermarkets throughout southern and northern Japan. In 2009, helped launch a Butcher shop “Japan Premium Beef” in New York and worked there for 7 years. In 2014, joined the ATM international USA, assisted in layout design for the butcher section at Tokyo Central Yorbalinda in CA, and Frontier Market in New York. Providing product proposals to restaurants and distributors. Providing support for mainly Washugyu, but also beef, pork, chicken, and lamb.


Washugyu Promotion Goods


These are promotion goods for customers. We can supply these promotion goods for customers. Kindly contact to our sales staff.


We supplying this Washugyu Plaque to End User who is the official customer of Washugyu. Kindly contact to our Sales staff.


We supplying Washugyu Panel for promotion. This panel for Retail/Butcher shop. Kindly contact to our Sales staff.


We supplying Washugyu Banner for promotion. This panel for Retail/Butcher shop. Kindly contact to our Sales staff.