What is Washugyu?

Our Wagyu Beef comes from American-bred cattle, using a custom Japanese program that carefully selects superior genetic traits (Tajima Wagyu), cross breeding them with the finest Black Angus cattle. They are raised on a strict feeding program, using the highest quality feed available in the market.

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Grading (BMS)

Washugyu has been executed our grading system as distributing a marbling. We send Washugyu experts who have three more years experience to our ranches to distribute them as SPB 10 up, SPB 8-9, SPB 7 down by SPB Grading System (at the bottom of this page). Moreover, these are certainly 100% USDA PRIME or higher.

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Non-Hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC)

Washugyu is certified by the USDA as all natural and all the beef must be produced by the cattle which have never been treated with growth hormones.

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High Quality Beef (HQB)

The greatest feature of Washugyu is the “Natural Umami” flavor. Needless to say, Washugyu has the great marbling much better than U.S. Beef. The prolonged fattening period brings out the natural flavor of the meat. People in Japan say, Japanese Wagyu has the marbling = has plenty of cross fat, which adds to the tenderness = can enjoy the flavor of the fat.

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Feeding Program

100% vegetarian

The meat quality is decided by 50% pedigree and 50% controlled feeding. Washugyu have been raised under the strictest of standards using the proprietary feeding program specific to Japan that enhance the marbling and the flavor of the meat.

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100% Full Integration scheme

Washugyu is a total integrated manufacturer from breeding to sales.

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AWA Meeting

American Wagyu Association annual meeting at Nashville

December 9, 2019

AWA Blog post: On the first day of the American Wagyu Association Annual Meeting, Watanabe-san made Yakiniku Washugyu using SPB 7dn ribeye. It was well-received by AWA conference participants and was praised for how well the seasoning and sauce brought out the meat’s umami flavor. On the second day of the meeting, we studied more […]

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Frontier Market Japanese Food & Deli

November 9, 2019

Frontier Market Japanese Food & Deli One of the most important customer of Washugyu in East Coast. Washugyu retail support staff Eiichi Yamamoto supporting butcher shop of this Japanese Glossary store in Harts Dale NY. JAPANESE style thin sliced WASHIGYU ROUND /CHICK hot pot(Shabu Shabu) and Sukiyaki. We look forward to your visit. 〒10530 New […]

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We will be at the 2019 Annual American Wagyu Association Meeting!

August 13, 2019

We will be at the 2019 Annual American Wagyu Association (AWA) Meeting from September 25th to September 27th. This year, we are one of the official sponsors for the AWA meeting. Three members of our staff will be in attendance, Takayuki Hirai (CEO), Tatsuya Watanabe (GM/Chef), and Tori Anaya (Export Sales). Chef Tatsuya will be […]

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