Feeding Program

Washugyu Special Feeding Program

The Washugyu finishing formulation is a company-developed recipe created at Lindsay Ranch that combines our ranch environment with a faithful reproduction of the Japanese Wagyu finishing system. This formulation was created with corn as the main ingredient, whereas other companies do not use corn as much in their original formulation limiting the marbling potential of their cattle. Further, calories and nutritional balance are adjusted as the cattle age.
*The contents of the recipe are approved for use by the USDA.

Regular Training for Lindsay Ranch workers in Japan

Regular Training for Lindsay Ranch workers in Japan Super Prime Beef Inc. regularly sends ranch workers from Lindsay Ranch for on-site training in Japan to learn more about animal handling and production. This leads to the consistent improvement and evolution of our great beef quality as well as animal welfare.

Strict Age, Individual Animal, and Pedigree Management

Strict Age, Individual Animal, and Pedigree Management Washugyu comes from carefully selected Tajima full blood bull X Black Angus female crosses (F1), so we are very strict with pedigree and genetic management and selection. Each individual animal has an ear tag that maintains information on its pedigree, individual performance, age and this allows us to input this information into a data management system for future reference and continual improvement.

Lindsay Ranch

Lindsay Ranch is the only location in the U.S. where Washugyu cattle fed.

Lindsay Ranch is located near Hermiston, Oregon, which has a similar climate to Japan. There is plenty of irrigation and a clear stream that acts as a water source for the cattle, which is most suitable for supporting our specialized Wagyu feeding program.

With the cooperation of Lindsay Ranch, we are able to produce Washugyu as the Japan-U.S. joint product.